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Chapter 15: The Queen in her Cell

Chapter 15The Queen in Her Cell“That was the end of our observations. The council workers had occupied themselves with excavating and removing the breeding gardens in other rooms, but now the time given to us had ended.The queen was removed from her cell and taken away captive; and after that, the activities and life of this nest ceased for good.”
Eugene Marais, The Soul of the White Ant

May 6, 1949, Villa Orlamonde Nice, France I, Maurice Maeterlinck, have recently discovered that I had somehow metamorphosed into the body a dog, and lived for a time within the comfortable hide of a herding animal. To be more specific, I lived as a Berger Picard. It was a most satisfactory situation to be this particular breed of canine for I was able to gather the people around me so that might resolve the unrest in my soul. For what had only been a moment of my existence, that moment as pain seered through my heart and I teetered on the brink of death, I was allowed this journey to that time, surrounded…

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